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Art / Jun 25th

The Artist’s Way: Crystal Barbre

The masterfully crafted oil paintings of Crystal Barbre seem the
Art / Jun 12th

The Shoot: Anna Telcs’ The Dowsing 2014

Anna Telcs has set a high standard for artistic design
Art / May 14th

The Artist’s Way: Whiting Tennis

The prolific Whiting Tennis is best known for his painting,
Art / Mar 27th

The Artist’s Way: NKO Rey

NKO is the artist wayfarer, and not just because he
Art / Feb 6th

The Artist’s Way: Jesse Higman

Jesse Higman is a luminary in the Seattle arts scene,
Art / Jan 3rd

The Artist’s Way: Baso Fibonacci

Technicolor lines shooting out of a black background. A massive
Art / Sep 12th

Defining Future Beauty with Paul Kuniholm Pauper

The 12-week exhibition of Future Beauty at Seattle Art Museum
Art / Jul 27th

MOHAI’s Clara Berg on Seattle Fashion: Not Just Grunge and Flannel

On a recent Wednesday evening, a small group of history
Art / Jun 7th

The Transformative Art of KeseyPollock

When I arrived at the parking spot next to Equinox