Eileen Fisher Pop-In@Nordstrom Showcases Gender Neutral Capsule Collection

Posted on January 10, 2020, 9:25 am
3 mins


Pop-In@Nordstrom welcomes an exclusive ungendered and sustainable capsule collection by Olivia Kim, Nordstrom VP of Creative Projects, in collaboration with Eileen Fisher. With a focus on organic and recycled materials, this exclusive edition of Eileen Fisher’s System is a 30-piece capsule collection in an array of minimalist colors.

“Our vision for this collaboration was not to design a collection for him or her, but for all of us.” said Kim. “It was such an incredible opportunity to partner with Eileen Fisher on this project. I have always had tremendous respect for her not only as a woman who founded a successful business, but one that has done so with a thoughtful and responsible approach to fashion. We are aligned in our core values around inclusivity and sustainability and we are excited to share these important messages with our Pop-In@Nordstrom customers.”

“Nordstrom has always been an important partner to us so we are delighted to work with Olivia Kim and her team,” said Founder and co-CEO Eileen Fisher. “Olivia is a true creative – reimagining our iconic shapes and styles into a unique collection that reaches across generations in new ways.”

From classics such as the Collar Jumpsuit and Crew Neck Tee to the Slouchy Cropped Pant and Open V-Neck Cardigan, the collection features a wardrobe of pieces designed to work together. Pieces like the High Collar Long Coat paired with the Hooded Scarf makes a voluminous juxtaposition, while the Wide Leg Pant complemented by the Hooded Zip Up Jacket creates a monochromatic and bold statement.

The collection is crafted from a variety of sustainable fabrics including; Lofty Recycled Cashmere, one of the world’s most luxurious fibers, sustainably made with yarn respun from fine Italian fabrics that meet the Global Recycle Standard, Organic Cotton Terry, Organic Cotton Nylon, Organic Cotton Denim, and Recycled Polyester Fleece products made from plastic bottles. Items like the Eggshell Recycled Nylon, a papery weave with softness and subtle luster, keeps waste out of the landfill and has a low economic footprint, showcasing the vision of this collection.

Eileen Fisher Pop-In@Nordstrom is open January 10 to February 9 online and at select Nordstrom stores.

Images courtesy of Nordstrom. 

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