Meet the Artists of the SAMS Supporters Spring Fundraiser, “Art Palate” on May 29

Posted on May 23, 2019, 5:37 pm
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In 1985, Sally B. Nordstrom, while serving as a member of the Seattle Art Museum board, began a fundraising group with 25 of her friends for a new art museum space in downtown Seattle. The group became know as Seattle Art Museum Supporters, and these first members came together and successfully scheduled a full calendar of events with the goal of raising money for SAM, building friendships and community along the way.

Today Seattle Art Museum Supporters has grown in membership and an expanded commitment to the larger Seattle arts community. From visiting artist’s studios throughout Seattle to behind the scenes looks at local museum archives and exhibits, SAM Supporters seeks to better advocate for the arts by exploring the cultural landscape, front and back.

To raise funds to support the Seattle Art Museum, the group has typically held two major fundraising events each year. The Fall Fundraiser is an evening cocktail party centered around art, and Gardens of Art is a spring luncheon. Proceeds from the event this spring will benefit the upcoming Seattle Art Museum exhibition Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts and Crafts Movement, on display from June 13 to September 8, 2019.

This year, SAM Supporters has chosen to alter the venue of the spring fundraiser. Instead of a garden luncheon, Art Palate is to be held on Wednesday, May 29, bringing the culinary world and the art world together in a most unique fashion. The complete culinary experience of Art/Palate is inspired by the art of four local featured artists, with a menu created by the James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson at Aerlume.

Meet the four artists featured at Art/Palate:

Zaria Forman

Known for her impeccable, photorealistic pastel drawings, Zaria Forman finds inspiration in remote landscapes and environmentally sensitive locations, from turbulent arctic waters to tropical waves. If you haven’t seen her work at Winston Wächter Seattle, perhaps you spotted it (and were fooled into thinking it was photography) at Seattle Art Fair 2017, where she was a featured artist in Winston Wächter’s booth. Forman has traveled extensively in Greenland and the Maldives to both collect material for her drawings and raise awareness about climate change.

Kim Keever

Having trained as a thermal engineer and worked on several NASA projects, photographer Kim Keever fuses the images of his childhood fantasy with his knowledge of science and physics. His exploration into his unique process began by trying to physically recreate the imagery of his memories. As he continued to explore, his photography evolved from atmospheric landscapes to bold abstract compositions. Keever is also represented locally by Winston Wächter.

“Abstract 43325,” 2018. Image courtesy of Kim Keever

Corrie LaVelle

Through the exploration of various media and techniques as soul therapy, Corrie LaVelle was given a vehicle for her passion and reclaimed her unorthodox early love of art. Working mainly in encaustic, Corrie often thinks of the medium as an expression of her personality: fluid, constantly changing, temporary and pliable.

Marela Zacarias

Working with a labor and research-intensive process merging sculpture with painting, Marela Zacarias moulds window screen and plaster to fabricate undulating forms with quality of fabric, bodies filled with movement and expressive quality.

Reserve tickets now. Standard tickets are $475 per guest. $250 tickets are available for guests ages 21-30.

Featured image courtesy of Seattle Art Museum Supporters and Aerlume. 

Update, May 1, 2019: An earlier version of the this article associated Corrie LaVelle with Gray Sky Gallery in Pioneer Square. This erroneous information has been removed.

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