Capitol Hill Art Walk is for Lovers: February 14, 2019

Posted on February 06, 2019, 7:00 am
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Whether you’re necking with bae or just trying to get through the night, this Valentine’s Day, Capitol Hill Art Walk is the place to be. You can grab dinner and drinks before, during, or after, as the event runs officially until 9pm.

Pull the Lovers Card at Ghost Gallery

I recommend starting the night at Ghost Gallery and Cupcake Royale. (Ghost Gallery’s entrance is at the back of the bakeshop.) The gallery space will be hosting the third of its ever-popular Art of Tarot exhibit. This time, over fifty international artists made the cut, contributing Tarot and Oracle decks, original art, prints and ritual accessories. At front, while you grab a sweet or a hot drink from Cupcake Royale, check out I Am Andy Warhol, a solo show of paintings by Blake Blanco. Each portrait is taken from one of Warhol’s (in)famous Polaroids.

Single? Treat yourself to a new gem from Ghost Gallery’s art or jewelry and then some chocolate cakiness. (It tastes like love.)

Cards from the Spolia Tarot, featured at Ghost Gallery’s Art of Tarot III.

Find True Love

Downhill at True Love (Art Gallery and Tattoo Parlor), the group show Rainbow Renegades enters its second month. Curated by Jazz Mom and featuring over a dozen artists, its an eclectic, vibrant, queer potpourri of media and content. The unifying thread is unabashed positivity to counter the winter blues. To add to the fun, the reception during Capitol Hill Art Walk will feature music from DJ Jimi Jaxon. At the very least, hitting up a place called True Love seems obligatory on Valentine’s Day.


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Partnered? Is it time for matching tats? No? Well, get some art for your walls instead of your bods.

Beauty Never Dies at Roq La Rue Gallery

The must-see show for me this night will be A Beautiful Ghost at Roq La Rue. I’ve already seen a preview of one painting from this group show (a stunner by Kai Carpenter), and I expect it all to be a knock-out. As much as I appreciate the vibrant colors at so many shows this month, its still a haunted, haunting season, and I’m ready to get immersed in that vibe. Other artists featured include Travis Louie, Rick Araluce, and Nanette Cherry.

Single? Ars longa, vita brevis. Fall in love with something for your home that won’t forget to take out the trash.

Have an Artsy One-Night Stand on 15th Avenue

Capitol Hill Art Walk always has some wild-card exhibits, as non-traditional venues open their doors and highlight art on their walls. This month, we get a particularly interesting pop-up exhibition in a residential space.

Photos by Jennifer Zwick staged in townhomes on 15th avenue. Installation photo by Alexander Keyes.

Artist and realtor Alexander Keyes and musician Gabriel Molinaro have curated small shows in four of six modern farmhouse-style row homes just opening on 15th Avenue. True to the holiday, the theme is intimacy, love, and home. Artists include one of my favorite collagists Serrah Russell, activist and all-around bad-ass Natasha Marin, and crazy-talented (and humorous) photographer Jennifer Zwick, to name a few. The address of the homes and exhibit is 1532 15th Ave E, and it’s on view from 4pm to 8pm.

Partnered? Enjoy the art…but don’t get too swept up in the moment and try to “christen” the bathroom when no one is looking. People may tell you to “get a room,” but they don’t just mean any room, okay?

For a full map of the night’s venues, go to Capitol Hill Art Walk’s official site.

Feature image: Painting by Kai Carpenter. Image courtesy of the artist and Roq La Rue Gallery.

T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.