The Collective Seattle: A Seattle Urban Clubhouse

Posted on May 02, 2018, 7:17 am
3 mins


The Collective occupies the first floor of Juno Therapeutics’ new office building in bustling South Lake Union. But one would be mistaken if you think this is a gathering space for only the tech set. The décor is northwest contemporary, and the vibe is creative and hip.The expansive and airy space is full of nooks and crannies for its members to hunker down and possibly dream up the next big thing. A thoughtfully designed area includes “bouldering, food, drink, art, music, tech-free hammock garden and collaborative zones create a space for comfort, community, positive impact, creative collisions and peak experiences.”

It’s certainly intriguing to see how this community will evolve…

The Collective Seattle is an Urban Clubhouse with an Inclusive Culture

Imagine a co-working space, lounge, coffee shop, restaurant/bar, urban living room, modern-day salon, and an indoor climbing wall all in one. That is exactly what you will find at The Collective Seattle.  Billed as “an urban clubhouse for the mind, body + soul”, this members-only club soft-opened in April and will host its grand opening party on May 10th. Unlike most traditional clubhouses that enforce a strict dress code and cultivate a sense of exclusivity,


The Collective prides itself on inclusiveness and aims to be a “launchpad for adventure”. It’s a third place where one can relax and reinvigorate outside of the daily grind. On the Our Story page of their website, you will find the phrases “All Belong Here” and “Our Tribes” which include subculture identities such as outdoor lovers, techies, families, the music Lovers, foodies, wellness people, socially conscious people, art lovers, and people who want educational programs. These tribes have yet to be fully realized giving the sense that founding members will have an opportunity to shape the culture of the club rather being expected to conform to it.

As of now, there are plenty of events on the calendar for the month of May at The Collective Seattle including a lit night, live band, climbing clinic, diversity awareness, yoga, and an opening party on May 10th. Vanguard Seattle will be there! Follow our Instagram story and see the action @vanguardseattle.