AJnC Dance-Theater Presents: Young Manic / I Wanted To Be On Broadway

Posted on March 07, 2018, 7:24 am
2 mins


I had the pleasure of attending AJnC Dance-Theater’s Young Manic / I Wanted To Be On Broadway in February. Directed by Amy J. Lambert, Young Manic is the company’s second evening-length production and explored how we reconcile our childhood dreams and expectations with the reality, and oftentimes the monotony, of modern adult life. As the performers coped with their own personal and community disappointments, they ultimately realize that the show must go on.

The performance was thoroughly enjoyable and nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The wonderful blend of dance styles, comedy and drama produced an entrancing effect that kept my attention throughout the entire performance.

The production parallels the tension of childhood and adult realities with a contrast between Broadway stardom and contemporary modern dance. Lambert deftly weaves together theater and dance to explore the dimensionality in both the glamour of show biz and ultra-subtle modern dance. Under the eaves of a glitzy light installation, the twelve performers teetered between absurdity and banality, Cunningham-style modern dance and theatrical show-tunes. They find that even within the confines of modern life, by using the fluidity of imagination, they can still live their dreams.


About​ ​AJnC​ ​Dance-Theater

AJnC Dance-Theater, a project-based dance company, was formed in 2013 in Seattle, Washington by Amy J Lambert. As the ensemble’s director and choreographer, Lambert playfully crafts theatrical and concert dance works that are compelling for both the performer and the audience. For each production, AJnC collaborates with an ensemble of highly trained classical dancers and actors to create and present new dance works for the local and national stage. AJnC Dance-Theater performances use humor and wit to explore themes of rebellion, conformity, and the absurdity of modern life. Often inspired by literature and historical research, productions have delved into genres ranging from Dadaism to Hunter S. Thompson. The levity of AJnC’s work allows it to resonate with audiences of all ages and creates a sense of wonder and delight at the unexpected truths of life.



Featured Image Courtesy of AJnC Dance-Theater