Escape From Valentine’s Day: Events On February 14 That Don’t Involve Pink Hearts

Posted on February 07, 2018, 2:33 pm
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Holidays are always polarizing, but they don’t get much more loved/loathed than Valentine’s Day. Whether you are perennially single, newly single, or even in a relationship, the pressure of Valentine’s Day to feel the romance can be…disheartening. (However, we always recommend loving up your friends, even if you are happily single. We have a gift guide for that.)

Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year (humpday, indeed!), one shouldn’t go on a bitter bender. Try one of these relaxed, fun, totally-not-treacly things to do in Seattle on February 14. (And then binge on bargain chocolate bins the next day.)

Daybreaker SEA at Kremwerk

The night is for lovers. The early morning is for doers.

For those unfamiliar, Daybreaker is an early morning party series that started in NYC and has spread internationally to 22 cities. The premise is simple: Get up early and dance and party with intention to start the day right. On February 14 at Kremwerk, Daybreaker SEA starts you day with a lot of love and self-care:

Dance your heart out in the best possible way. $30 for yoga and dance. $20 for dance only. (Discounts available for groups of 3 or more.) Get tickets online.

David Lynch and Bob Roth at Temple De Hirsch Sinai

We celebrated David Lynch’s 72nd birthday last month. Lynch is the American auteur of the surreal, and also famously a fan of Transcendental Meditation. He and fellow TM advocate Bob Roth are on a speaking tour touting its merits, and Town Hall Seattle is bringing them to Temple De Hirsch Sinai. (1441 16th Ave)

From Town Hall:

Together [Lynch and Roth] outline meditation’s scientifically proven benefits—improved focus, sleep, resilience, creativity, and memory to name a few—and demonstrate how this five-thousand-year-old technique can have a clear and direct impact on our very modern problems. They highlight the three distinct types of meditation—focused attention, open monitoring, and self-transcending—and showcase the evidence that the third, Transcendental Meditation, is the most effective and efficient way to reduce stress, access inner power, and build resilience

General admission is $5. Doors at 6:30pm. See the website to purchase tickets.

Jazz Innovations Part I at UW

Jazz lovers should get to Brechemin Auditorium at University of Washington for an evening of homages to jazz icons and original progressive jazz compositions. (There is a second evening on Thursday, February 15 if you can’t make Part I.) The show is free and open to the public and starts at 7:30pm. Get more info online.

Spinurn at Gasworks Park

Valentine’s Day is also Ash Wednedsay this year. (I’ll be giving up blasphemy for Lent for the fifth year running. Let’s see if I actually last more than a week this time.) At least if you feel romantically burnt, you’ll be in good company, amirite? Because…ash. Never mind.

This makes the timing of the latest Spinurn at Gasworks Park rather apt. Spinurn invites fire spinners to practice and perform to DJed sets (DJ Kezaki and DJ Ecchi), and the public is welcome to come and watch. For shutterbugs who want to catch some firebugs, please note this caveat from the event:

Photography is by permission only. Please ask the front desk for information on photographing the performers in the fire circle. Flash photography is discouraged, however exceptions can be made with permission from a organizer.

The event is free, but those inclined can donate to support the the promoters and performers. Get more details on the Facebook event page.


SHARK LEGS with FLRT and Golden Idols at The Tractor Tavern

This show is billed as a V-Day show by virtue of the date, but there’s no romantic theme here. Expect a chill, funky, celebratory night of various psych music at Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Headliner SHARK LEGS recently released a self-titled album. Golden Idols will be providing Free Tindr consultations for the singles (lol). FLRT will be spunky. Ages 21+ and just $8 at the door. Get tickets in advance online.

Kremwerk 4th Anniversary Festivities Launch

Yep. Back to Kremwerk. Because I really can’t think of a better way to start and end any day than at the coolest nightclub in the city.

February 14 is extra special because it marks the beginning of Kremwerk’s 4th Anniversary Festivities. The party goes through Sunday, February 18. Get more info on our event listing.


T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.