VS Psychopop: Palace Spring 2018, Stella McCartney, Kate Mensah

Posted on February 03, 2018, 12:00 pm
2 mins


What’s got us hyped this week? VS PsychoPop is our peek at what’s coming and going in culture. For the week of February 3…




London-based skate imprint Palace’s Spring Lookbook was shot by famed photographer Juergen Teller this year. The hype is strong with this one: The collection becomes available online at 11.a.m EST. If you don’t want to pay higher prices among resellers for these looks, get ready to shop the moment the collection comes online. It’s an awesome mix of vibrant patterns and prints with lots of sharp, understated outerwear.




Stella McCartney’s Next Level: Sustainability

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world next to petroleum, and fashion designer Stella McCartney has committed her brand to changing the way the industry functions. Known as high fashion’s vegan option, McCartney’s fashion house has just launched its new sustainability platform, describing their sustainable practices .These new practices include making clothes and accessories from recycled materials and a new push to keep discarded clothes out of landfills while looking for innovative ways to respect nature’s ecosystems and animals.



Catching Up With Kate Mensah

We watched Kate Mensah hit the runway and have her bags showcased side-by-side with Kelly Su’s Composure collection. The BoConcept NW space made for a chíc venue that included a full runway space lined with modern furniture. Kate was greeted by many clients following the show in which she showcased, sold, and spoke on her new designs. Her highlight bag from her most recent collection is the “SARAH.” Shop her latest collection.




Breathwork, like most esoteric practices, is not new, but ancient. It is foundational to an effective yoga practice. However, it is receiving a lot of new attention and breathwork clinics are popping up everywhere as are certified breathworkers. Claiming to heal anxiety, depression, access intuition, and relieve trauma, people are taking notice. Breathwork in Seattle