Mark Your Calendars: The Art History Lecture Series At Gage Academy of Art

Posted on January 30, 2018, 2:11 pm
2 mins


Calling all art history lovers! The winter quarter of Gage Academy of Art’s ongoing art lecture series is ending soon, but spring is coming. This series takes an intimate look inside the artists and movements that helped shape art from the Renaissance through the 20th century.

Now is the time to mark your calendars for the spring quarter of the 2017-18 Series at Gage Academy in Capitol Hill. You can register for all four lectures for $50, or buy individual tickets for $15 each. (Gage Members attend the entire lecture series for free, and membership is only $75.) Each hour-long lecture happens on select Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm.

The spring series takes place over four weeks in April and May:

  • April 11: Kathleen Moore on Istanbul and Byzantine Art
  • April 18: Tenaya Sims on Vermeer’s Milkmaid and the Camera Obscura Controversy
  • April 25: Rebecca Albiani on Käthe Kollwitz
  • May 2: Jeffrey Simmons on The Op Art Movement

The last two lectures of the winter series are coming up fast.

January 31: Terry Furchgott on Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt, the Austrian Symbolist painter and founding member of the Viennese Secession, is known for his unique and decorative opulence, rich use of color and the sensual beauty of his women. This session will explore his elegant portraits, intricate landscapes and vibrant eroticism.

February 7: Kimberly Trowbridge on the Search for Arcadia: Poussin, Delacroix, Cezanne

Discover Cezanne’s journey into his meticulous attempt to unite form with color and the influence Poussin and Delacroix had upon his works. This session will consider how each of these artists sought a new unity and new visual paradise to express the truth of their own experience.

Get more info on the Gage website.