Kate Wallich + The YC, Dream Dances at On the Boards, December 7-10

Posted on December 03, 2017, 1:12 pm
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Seattle-based choreographer Kate Wallich and her company The YC premiere a new full-length work, Dream Dances, Thursday, December 7 at On the Boards. It’s a good marriage of artist and venue. Wallich’s work is elegantly athletic, eclectic and yet accessible. On the Boards, meanwhile, is known for bringing international avant-garde acts to town while fostering ambitious and unusual projects by local talents.

Among the choreography that I have seen by Wallich, my favorite by far was for Splurge Land, which was also at On the Boards. If this were another venue, it would be safe to say that Wallich’s new work will be polished, beautiful and, well…safe. But because it’s for OtB, I’m guessing that Dream Dances will live up to its name and feel fantastical, without losing the polish.

Photo by Stefano Altamura.

More on Dream Dances from On the Boards:

Consisting of intertwined and layered movement scenes, this performance inspired by dreams and dreaming combines complex physicality with restrained dynamism. Dream Dances is a meditative study in form and spatial geometry, and like the heightened reality of dreams, brings ‘amplified life’ to the stage. Dream Dances features lighting/production design by Amiya Brown and costuming by stylist duo cuniform. Frequent collaborators Johnny Goss and Andrew J.S. contributed the live score.

On the Boards fully owns the polarizing nature of its performances. They even have WTF Just Happened discussions after some performances, so audiences can hash out what they just saw. The Saturday performance of Dream Dances will be followed by a WTFJH session.

After the show on Friday night, Wallich will discuss the making of Dream Dances with fellow choreographer Heather Kravas. Kravas’ Visions of Beauty earlier this year at On the Boards was a fine example of how simple dance concepts can be taken to unexpected places and create unforgettable images. Hearing Wallich and Kravas talk process might be gilding the lily for some, but for those with an interest in the finer points and theory of contemporary movement, they make a dreamy duo.

Kate Wallich + The YC: Dream Dances

When: Thursday, December 7 through Sunday, December 10

Where: On the Boards (100 W Roy St)

Get more info and tickets online.

Featured photo by Stefano Altamura, courtesy of On the Boards

T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.