Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes Collab = The Ultimate T-Shirt Experience

Posted on August 23, 2017, 4:40 pm
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A new Pop-In@Nordstrom has popped up at Nordstrom, and you don’t want to miss this one. Nordstrom is partnering with Hanes on an exclusive collection of T-shirts designed by nearly 40 brands and designers including Warby Parker, Opening Ceremony, Saturdays NYC, Blair Breitenstein, A.L.C., and more. Featuring nearly 100 styles, the shop showcases each collaborators’ brand brought to life on a blank canvas—the Hanes T-shirt. From summer days to layering into fall, the variety includes options for men, women, and kids, and ranges in price from $40 to $215.

Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes

What can you expect to find? Here are some teasers:

  • Peanuts’ Snoopy tees and Juicy Couture’s retro graphics will appeal to vintage style lovers.
  • Instagram sensation Dean the Basset captures a day in the life of a dog.
    Nicopanda’s Nicola Formichetti channeled Molly Ringwald’s character in Pretty in Pink with tulle overlay.
  • Vinyl collectors and indie music lovers might like vintage Pearl Jam and Sub Pop tees.
  • Vanessa Arizaga’s signature hearts, peace signs and graphic smileys make an appearance.
  • Cheeky touches include the iconography of New York City Parks and Rec signage, including “please cleanup after your pet” symbols.

“Hanes is the ultimate T-shirt company,” said Olivia Kim, vice president of Creative Projects for Nordstrom. “It’s been incredible to partner with them on an all-exclusive shop that elevates the T-shirt as an icon, and lets us use their product as a way to explore different expressions from a conglomerate of brands.”

“We’re super excited to partner with Pop-In@Nordstrom,” said Hilton Graham, head of collaborations for Hanes. “Olivia Kim and Nordstrom have created a one-of-a-kind retail experience showcasing the most amazing range of collectable T-shirts we’ve ever seen!”

The shop design replicates the inside of a drycleaner by showcasing merchandise on an automated garment conveyor belt. Photos of the T-shirt designs are also etched on the flooring of the shop, acting as a secondary display. In addition to T-shirts, the shop will carry: OMY’s Magic Coloring Roll that unravels to about 40-inches of pages allowing for hours of coloring; gourmet scented Scentco Smencils and gel crayons; fidget spinners and fidget cubes; Kidrobot vinyl art toys, and more.

Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes is in 8 Nordstrom store locations and online at Nordstrom.com/pop from August 18 to September 24.

Images courtesy of Nordstrom. 

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