Winter Weekends: Art Encounter in the Park with Paige Barnes, March 31

Winter Weekends: Art Encounter in the Park bleeds into spring. Don’t miss the latest instalment, Art Encounter—Interstitial Pulse, I Might Fall into the Ocean. The show goes down 7pm this Friday, March 31 at Olympic Sculpture Park. From SAM: A new pilot residency at the park invites you to become part of the artistic process. This year’s artist-in-residence, movement artist Paige Barnes, presents three Art Encounter programs inspired by the pulse listening method in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Interstitial Pulse, I might fall into the ocean is the final performance in this series. During Barnes’ residency in January and February, she explored the intersections of her dance and Eastern healing practices. Her work was focused on how the park can act as a metaphor of the body. Visitors had the opportunity to engage in her process through meditative walks and pulse readings. Barnes responded to each individual who participated through improvised movement solos and poetry. Barnes imagines the park as a body with five organs like Chinese Medicine perceives the human body through the five element theory. These five elements and their associated properties have been related to five park sculptures. The pulse readings, the sculptures, and their parallel organ systems have shaped each of the Art Encounter programs. … Continue reading Winter Weekends: Art Encounter in the Park with Paige Barnes, March 31