Shake Up Your Fitness Routine with ClassPass

Posted on March 23, 2017, 10:58 pm
4 mins


If you’re like me, it’s not always easy to stay motivated when it comes to fitness goals. Routines get old, and my mind defaults to what I know when I face the weights. Often, I get in my own head and build mental barriers on what I can accomplish. It’s too easy to get inside my own head. But there are limitless possibilities to stretch, tone and strengthen our 700ish muscles, and I forget that no fitness journey is an island.

Accountability is everything. A true fitness journey can’t be done alone. See any powerful athlete or inspiring influence, and they will tell you about the people who get them so far. For me, fitness is more a mental discipline than anything. On tough days, just getting to the gym is an accomplishment. Life is tough, and a gas tank doesn’t stay full when you drive the car. I’ve got to refuel my focus. Accountability and community helps recharge my motivation to be better than I was yesterday.

I was in a fitness rut after Resolution January, and I didn’t have the accountability I so sorely needed. I had heard of ClassPass many times in the past, but I don’t like the idea of jumping around to different studios and I assumed it was too expensive. And hopping around to so many different instructors and classes seemed like the opposite of community building. But still, I needed to try something new.

ClassPass is a fitness subscription that offers access to hundreds of fitness studios in the Seattle area. Most of the studios charge around $20 for a one-time drop-in fee. ClassPass gives you a cheaper alternative that runs at about $10 per class. I chose a “new member” plan that offers 50% of their base plan for three months, which puts each class at $5. (They have deals for new members that pop up all the time.)

Even though I had my doubts about ClassPass, I figured: How can I know for sure if I don’t try?

The Pros

Long story short, I’m so happy I signed up. The benefits easily outweigh the costs (especially with new member deals). I meet new people, including passionate instructors who truly care about you leaving the gym better than when you came in. Regardless of the type of class I attend, I learn new forms of technique and how they activate muscles differently. I rarely take a class with a rating under 4.8/5, and the app tells me if the class is good for a sweat, toning, or strength. Below are a few of my favorite studios, with passionate instructors that care about each individual that attends their class.


Demco Fitness – Eastlake

Sweat Equity – Bellevue

MCW Fitness – Greenlake


The Cons

If the gym or trying new things intimidates you, be cautious when you go to a studio for the first time. Read the reviews of your instructor. Arrive early to get a lay of the land and remember the feeling and the benefits you’ll walk away with. There’s a limit to how often you can attend the same studio per month, but you’re better off exploring the city’s fitness world anyways. Lastly, the price after being a first time member can seem high, but just remember that it’s an investment in your future overall health.