Ghost Light Theatricals Presents: Eugène Ionesco’s Macbett, March 10-25

For fans of avant-garde theater, it doesn’t get better than the work of Romanian-French playwright Eugène Ionesco. Starting this Friday, March 10 through March 25, Ghost Light Theatricals will perform one of his lesser-known gems, Macbett. “This show isn’t for the faint of heart,” says the show’s director, Emily Harvey. “The audience is in for loud music, intense spectacle and an upending of a classic story.” More from Ghost Light Theatricals: Eugene Ionesco rips Shakespeare apart in Macbett – Perfect for people who love Shakespeare and people who hate Shakespeare, this play will leave the audience laughing and fearing for society as we know it. While writing in plain English, Ionesco uses Shakespeare’s Macbeth as an inspiration only. Macbett has just returned from protecting King Duncan when the beautiful, beguiling (and possibly magical) Lady Duncan tries to convince him to overthrow Duncan. After all – isn’t the king terrible? Shouldn’t we replace him? Ambition, success, corruption and excess color the world, and as Macbett ascends to the throne his grip on reality and his life grows looser. MacBett’s cast includes: Chris Shea as MacBeth, Darien Upshaw as Banco, Matthew Middleton as Duncan, and Madison Jade Jones as Lady Duncan. The show runs approximately … Continue reading Ghost Light Theatricals Presents: Eugène Ionesco’s Macbett, March 10-25