Write It Out: Three Journals to Motivate Healthy Habits All Year

Posted on January 17, 2017, 11:40 am
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January is the time for us to press the reset button. It’s a new year and a popular time to think about resolutions, but it is no surprise that resolutions tend to fade quickly. In fact, 85 percent of resolutions fail by the third week of January.

Resolutions should be a tool to remind us what’s important. Resolutions offer glimpses into what our long-term goals are and the people we want our future selves to become. One of the most simple ways to accomplish goals, even everyday responsibilities, is writing them down.

Journaling, and the Value of Writing Clear and Concise Goals

Our subconscious views lists that we physically write on paper as a a goal to achieve, rather than a boring task. Our minds see them as a source of pride and accomplishment when we allow ourselves to cross items off one by one. New Year’s Day may be gone, but better now than never to create a better version of yourself. Whether it’s a diet, a fitness regimen, a new skill or a creative project, the most successful, simple way to stay on track to keep a journal and habitually use it.

It’s not easy to analyze and write clear goals from scratch, while also keeping them simple enough to appear achievable. For example, it’s much more difficult to lose weight if you try to lose twenty pounds total rather than work towards losing two pounds in the next seven days. Small goals taken step by step are easier to achieve, and they produce the same positive impact on self-esteem as does a larger goal.

The best way to commit to goals for a better lifestyle is to write them out. Journaling consistently reminds you of the person you want to be. More so, a journal gives you one place to keep track of daily, weekly and monthly objectives.

A prearranged journal can guide you along the way and offer a platform for what you find meaningful without intimidation. Motivate by process while doing it long enough to make it a habit.

3 Journals That Inform, Inspire and Induce Positive Change

Remember, every day is a chance to improve, and the improvement stems from the process, not the outcome. The journals below offer clever ways to commit to your goals and find inspiration and joy every day:

The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner has it all. It’s a guide to unleash your creative spirit and make sense out of your hopes, dreams and ambitions. It’s a planner, journal and compass all in one. This is for the person who truly enjoys laying out the process with continual reflection.

The Five-Minute Journal

You may prefer action over reflection. If so, the Five-Minute Journal paves a simple path to achieving healthy goals. Keep this journal by your bedside and answer the day’s questions after you wake up and before you go to bed. All healthy routines require habit-forming, and just five minutes a day with the journal can produce powerful habit patterns in the brain if you stick to it long enough.


Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without an option that lets you take free rein of your journaling method. Compendium, a Seattle-based company, inspires with a vibrant assortment of journals and notebooks. The journals are simple, yet offer ownership and creativity with personalized styles and quotes for your good and bad days. These are lightweight so you can take them anywhere to reflect on what you learn about yourself and .improve your process. Write your goals down, adjust how to achieve them, and repeat!

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