Moviecat: Movie Trivia Night at Central Cinema, November 23

Posted on November 21, 2016, 6:57 pm
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Moviecat: Movie Trivia NightThis Thanksgiving Eve, Central Cinema wish to extend a “happy manxgiving!” for fans of felines and films alike. Moviecat: Movie Trivia Night starts this Wednesday, November 23 at 7pm. Come check out what Central Cinema (and others I’m sure!) are calling “The Best movie trivia night in the city!”

Movie Trivia Night offers an interactive trivia going experience, “featuring audio clips, cleverly edited movie clips and of course cats drawn into movie scenes!”

Tickets are available online for just $6, making this cheaper and possibly more satisfying than any first-run feature films you could go see instead. It’s purr-fect.


Moviecat: Movie Trivia Night

When: Wednesay, November 23, 7pm

Where: Central Cinema (1411 21st Ave)

Tickets are $6

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