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This Tuesday will be one week after the 2016 Presidential Election… and the discussions, debates and decisions of what comes next are just beginning. Here are five suggested events that will inevitably touch upon the election, directly or poetically.

Cybersecurity for Everyone at Substantial

Several hacks and leaks occurred during the election. Surveillance is getting more sweeping around the world. These things aren’t going away, so it is just good policy to know a little about how to protect oneself online. This free workshop is open to the public and led by experienced developers, who will be walking everyone through the steps it takes to beef up one’s cybersecurity (and when it is necessary to do so). No technical experience is required, aside from knowledge of social media, smartphones or email. Novices will be given assistance and those with technical/security chops are encouraged to come and add to the discussion.

Free. All ages. At Substantial (900 E Pine St, Suite 202).

An Evening with Garrison Keillor at The Paramount Theatre

I know. Going from cybersecurity to Garrison Keillor is almost enough to give a reader whiplash, but these are strange times.

Seattle Theatre Group presents the perennial king of folksy Americana, Garrison Keillor at The Paramount for a night of…well, who knows? Keillor has always been affably satiric, but in the last week, he has penned some of the most trenchant take-downs of Donald Trump and his supporters. Who knows how far he’ll be going off script, but the guy who augured disaster for those very supporters in a biting op-ed on The Washington Post is probably not done discussing the matter.

Or maybe he is. He’s also made a case for “liberal elites” to step back and let the newly elected crash and burn (but that doesn’t really gel with the rising protest and activism we are seeing at the moment). If you are a long time fan, now is precisely the time to see Keillor wax bucolic on stage. If you are not, now is probably not the time.

Ticket prices vary, $40 to $65. 7:30pm to 10:30pm. At The Paramount Theatre (911 Pine St). Get tickets online.

Image via Seattle Theatre Group.

Garrison Keillor. Image via Seattle Theatre Group.

Three Dollar Bill Cinema Filmmaker Series: Margaret Mullin at Hotel Sorrento

The Vice President-elect believes that LGB people can be electrocuted into heterosexuality. As for what he thinks of the T in LGBT, it’s best not to ask. Three Dollar Bill Cinema is presenting a series of talks with filmmakers who address queer stories and themes in their work at Hotel Sorrento. The second installment is this week and features Margaret Mullin of No Dominion Film. Mullin will discuss her own experience and her latest project. The event is free and open to the public. RSVPs are requested on the Facebook page, just to estimate the number of attendees. RSVP here.

7pm to 9pm. At Hotel Sorrento (900 Madison St).

Seattle Poetry Slam: Open Slam #1 at Re-Bar

Seattle Poetry Slam held its most recent semi-final on election night. Now, it returns to an open slam format as it moves toward the next semi-final performance of this cycle on December 20. These events are always politically and emotionally charged. There’s no question that many participants will be providing thoughtful/raw/provocative takes on the country at present (and near future). Participants have no music, costumes or props and only three minutes to recite, so the night will be fast-paced and frank. Poet Paulie Lipman will also be reading between rounds.

$5 at the door. Doors at 7pm, show runs from 7:45pm until 10:30pm. At Re-Bar (1114 Howell St).

seattle poetry slam

Post Election: What’s Next? Penny University with Jim McDermott at Town Hall

For those who want to hear and speak most directly about the election and its aftermath, this is the event to attend. From Town Hall:

Join Penny University organizer Anne Focke, Town Hall’s Edward Wolcher, and Jim McDermott for an evening of participatory discussion about how our country can move forward from the deep divisions and unprecedented rancor of this campaign cycle. The conversation will be focused around two interrelated questions: Was the election year a symptom of something fundamentally broken in American politics? Now that the election is over, how should passionate, politically engaged citizens organize?

$5. Get tickets online. Starting at 7pm. At Town Hall’s Great Hall (1119 8th Ave).



T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.

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