Wear It Out: The Politics of Fashion

Posted on November 07, 2016, 12:00 pm
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It’s November. The clocks have been set back. In Washington, the ballots have been mailed (right?). It’s the eve of the election, and after what many pundits have called the most divisive and wildest U.S. presidential election ever, I would like to focus on something positive: Fashion. It’s not mocking the vote to throw a little fun in with politics, right? Don’t we need some fun about now? Here are some thoughts on a future bright with good choices, starting with how we present ourselves to the world.

Stylists and fashion experts are part of political branding. As reported by The Business of Fashion, Hillary Clinton has been consulting with Vogue Editor Anna Wintour on her wardrobe while on the campaign trail. Wintour has approached designers to procure outfits for Clinton, who has worn mostly colored pantsuits and jackets by US designers. Unlike many celebrities, who are often lent or gifted fashion items, Clinton’s campaign pays for her clothes.



Mock The Vote #2


The mainstay of Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe, the pantsuit, has found its way into the world of fashion once again. Luckily, the new pantsuit is big on style and full of personality. A variety of silhouettes, from wide-leg pants to patterns, have made the return of the pantsuit an update, not a throwback. This French Connection Freddy Striped Single Breasted Blazer and matching Wide Legged Trouser is a fine example. Wear a blouse underneath by day, or go for a simple camisole underneath for happy hour and into the evening. For footwear, you can pull double duty from day to night with these beautiful on trend SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Bliss Velvet Pumps.

A structured bag is a great match for business attire, and luggage-style pieces add extra verve. I love train cases and hat boxes, and this MCM Berlin Hatbox Crossbody is just the thing to give your look some personality. Add some sass with these J.Crew tassel earrings if you want to skip the office altogether and wear this suit out and about.


Mock The Vote


Many designers have created t-shirts in support of Secretary Clinton, most notably Marc Jacobs. His t-shirt has been spotted front row at Fashion Week and has been worn on numerous occasions by Anna Wintour herself. If you are inclined to wear a piece of history, this shirt can be found, along with others designers, on Hillary Clinton’s website. Wear this tee with pants that have some punch, like these cropped J.Crew Collection pleated wide leg pants. These Comme de Garçon PLAY Chuck Taylors are a French twist on an American classic. We can all use that once in awhile. Toss on a J.Crew collection motorcycle jacket and carry the Clare V. Super Flat Clutch for a little patriotic wink without being over the top.


Mock The Vote #3


If I were the first female POTUS, I would take my signature pantsuit and give it some memorable style. No matter what Madame President wears there will be critics, but being true to oneself is what matters at this point in the game. The Veronica Beard “Freebird” blazer makes a statement on its own, if you get my drift. Make the look modern with a wide legged pair of DVF trousers.

Recently I had a scarf expert at the new Hermès shop in Nordstrom show me some tricks on tying a scarf. She was wearing a vintage Hermès scarf with a walking stick print that she had gorgeously tied into a necktie. The story she told was that Mr. Hermès had a walking stick collection and this was a motif paying homage to him. It wouldn’t hurt to keep French and U.S. relations going strong with a show of support via Hermès. Meanwhile, Manolo Blahnik’s multicolored graffiti-print sateen BB pumps should please our NATO allies in Italy, as well as the President’s feet.

Finally, the tourmaline ring is a representation of the modern birthstone for the month of October, which happens to be Mrs. Clinton’s birth month. A look into the meaning of this birthstone shows that in India, the use of the gem as a tool brought insight and help in the discovery of that which is good. It would also serve to make known who or what was the cause of troubles or evil deeds.

The gem was also highly valued by alchemists who, perhaps because of its pyroelectric effect, believed it to be related to the philosopher’s stone. Tourmaline was said to be the substance that would grant enlightenment, give power over spiritual affairs, reconcile opposites and change base metals to gold. In modern times, the stone is used by tribes in Africa, Native Americans and aboriginal groups in Australia as a talisman that protects against all dangers. I am thinking that our new President needs to wear this ring at all times.

Get out and rock the vote in style, my fellow Americans!



Lisa Cole is the fashion and style writer for Vanguard Seattle, and her work includes covering fashion news and events, runway shows and boutiques. She has her own fashion and lifestyle blog, www.westfultonstreet.com, and is a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Group International.