Screening of Verona: The Story of the Everett Massacre in Everett, November 5-6

Posted on November 05, 2016, 8:45 am
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On a fateful November day in 1916, 250 members of the Industrial Workers of the World, known as the Wobblies, aboard the steamship Verona were met at the EverettCity Dock by Sheriff Donald McRae and 140 armed deputies. By the time the shooting stopped, four Wobblies were dead and thirty-two wounded, one dying that night. On the dock, one deputy lay dead and seventeen wounded, one of whom would die the following day. This event would be known as the Everett Massacre.” 

November 2016 marks 100 years since the infamous incident. This Saturday and Sunday, November 5-6, the Everett Public Library and Historic Everett Theatre will screen Verona: The Story of the Everett Massacre, directed by Denise Ohio. Event organizers have this to say about the film:

“With stunning historical footage and expert analysis, Verona: The story of the Everett Massacre gets to the meaning behind the bloodshed: the drive to right social wrongs versus the desire for security; the acceptance of duty versus the struggle to survive—essential issues that continue to shape U.S. culture today.”

For anyone interested in labor movements, injustice and local history, this film promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. Finally, visit for more information.

Verona: The Story of the Everett Massacre in Everett

Saturday, November 5

When: 2pm

Where: Everett Public Library (2702 Hoyt Ave)

Sunday, November 6

When: 2pm and 7pm

Where: Historic Everett Theatre (2911 Colby Ave)


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