The Creative World of Commercial Architecture



The creative world of commercial architecture is an exciting one. It’s dynamic and reflective of the era, so it’s no surprise that creative people want to dive into a career in architecture. There is an intersection between art and design in architecture that facilitates and defines how we value our community spaces. Find out how designers and artists, such as Peter Marino, use art in commercial architecture and building spaces in a variety of ways, which are listed below.

Art Installations for Branding

A medical facility can feature an art installation of people holding hands and coming together to help one another. Beyond being a piece of art with a fantastic message of community and caring, it can actually evoke the emotions that the business itself wants to evoke in its patients. The same design elements that are intrinsic in a given building design can establish a theme that can then be incorporated into the business’s stationery, brochures, website, social media pages and much more. This creates a branding package that works cohesively to promote that particular brand aesthetic, derived from the design elements of the architecture.

Landscape Architect

Art is also infused into commercial architecture through unique landscaping. Living art creates aesthetically pleasing areas with various plant life on rooftops and patios, decks and balconies. A Zen garden or a meditation space can be created, or an enchanting garden filled with fragrant flowers can be set against a commercial building where people work in front of computer screens all day.

Unconventional Architecture

The development of buildings taking on unconventional design elements is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. One may not at first even sense that one is looking at commercial buildings because they are unique and at times flamboyant. They may have facades that reflect sunshine and scenery like a mirror, or an unexpected merging of modern and classical design elements. Gone are the days of stodgy commercial architecture. These days, just about anything goes, and the more unique a building design is, the more intrigue it will have as real estate.

Take a look beyond traditional and historical architecture, and take a look at the modern architecture that has been erected recently. Art and design are coming together in new and exciting ways to reflect our modern world. Are you ready to make your impact on the way people exist in these spaces?