Seattle Asian Art Museum Announces Plans for Renovation

Posted on October 19, 2016, 9:28 am
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Magic is happening again at the Seattle Art Museum. Finally, SAM has announced plans for a substantial renovation of its historic Art Deco building. (The Art Deco building currently resides in the Seattle Asian Art Museum).

Paris trained architects Carl Gould and Charles Bebb completed the museum in 1993. Dr. Richard E. Fuller donated the building to the city in June of 1933. He then presented the founding collection of Asian Art to the world. With the downtown museum opening in 1994, the building again was able to host SAM’s expansive collection of Asian Art.

SAM is now bringing up the building to current museum standards. This will make the space more enjoyable to experience its treasures and outdoors. The project hopes to modernize the building while keeping the original design extensions. Ultimately, SAM desires to bring the connection of the park back to the museum.

In addition, the remodel also focuses on education. They’ve dedicated a new space for extensive educational activities. These will serve K-12 students throughout the region. Plus, the remodel will include an art conservation studio. Here, restoration can be viewed behind glass walls that will allow guests to view the work in process.

Reopening Scheduled for 2019

The museum will be temporary closed, following the conclusion of its fall-winter exhibition Tabaimo: Utsutsushi Utsushi (November 2016 through Febuary 2017). They anticipate reopening in 2019. The museum is currently making plans to relocate staff, educational programs and art work during the two year process throughout the city.

Finally, visit SAM for more information on Seattle Asian Art Museum’s exciting new remodeling project.

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