9e2: Evening 1, Opening Night Party, October 21

Posted on October 17, 2016, 3:01 pm
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One of the most exciting arts events in Seattle this fall kicks off this Friday, October 21 at King Street Station. 9e2 will present dozens of collaborative projects between artists, scientists and engineers over nine evenings. Here’s some background from the 9e2 team:

The year 1966 saw a legendary and pivotal event in the history of technology-driven art. Called “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering,” the project brought together 10 artists and 30 scientists and engineers from Bell Telephone Laboratories.

Flash forward to 2016, the fiftieth anniversary of this iconic event: 9e2 teams artists with scientists and engineers, in a festival of performances, installations, exhibits, and discussions. By examining contemporary themes that are poised to change the way we experience life on this planet, 9e2 will shine a spotlight on the next 50 years.

The first evening of this festival will feature performative work by Boston-based artist and curator Mary Sherman, choreographer and filmmaker Dayna Hanson, and choreographer Coleman Pester. Pester and TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY will be presenting PYLON II, a new iteration of the multilayered, immersive PYLON performance that took place at Olympic Sculpture Park earlier this year. Hanson will be presenting a preview of her new work, 28 Problems, a “highly patterned, formal dance” inspired by calculus problems she found written on discarded scratch paper.

Sherman’s piece, Eri, After Dark, combines sculpture, music and mechanization in a mysterious music box. You can check out a video of it here. it will be a fitting start to a long evening (and 8 more evenings to come) of compelling, curious, creative collaborations across many disciplines.

9e2: Evening 1, Opening Night Party

When: October 21, from 7pm to midnight

Where: King Street Station, Floor 3 (303 S Jackson Street)

Tickets are $45 and include one drink ticket. Get tickets online.

Featured image: Still from Dayna Hanson’s 28 Problems. Image courtesy of 9e2.

T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.