Atlas Obscura Presents: A Subterranean Soirée, October 8

Are you curious about seeing the Seattle Underground but don’t want the tourist experience? Atlas Obscura hosts a rare opportunity to party in Seattle’s dark underbelly this weekend, October 8. What better time of year is there for A Subterranean Soirée than the weeks preceding Halloween? From the Atlas Obscura website: The Seattle Underground is one of the city’s own hidden wonders—the subterranean remains of a historic downtown which was built over and buried following the Great Fire of 1889. Yet many of its tunnels remain hidden to this day, kept off-limits from the average tourist…Saturday, October 8th, several of those tunnels will be opened for a blow-out celebration of both the launch of the Seattle Obscura Society and the release of Atlas Obscura’s first book, complete with an open bar of libations, live swing, and carousing so lively it ought to be illegal. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders is published in partnership with Seattle’s own Elliott Bay Book Company. A copy is included in the price of admission. Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras will attend and share insights from some of the most extraordinary locations in the book. It’s a can’t miss event for people … Continue reading Atlas Obscura Presents: A Subterranean Soirée, October 8