Alan Sutherland’s Little Brown Mushrooms at OtB, October 6-9

When artist Alan Sutherland first told me about his “mushroom project” some time ago, it was still being developed as an homage to The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet. That book had a profound impact on him as a child. It is fitting that his final work as a director will be something that mushroomed from it. That work, Little Brown Mushrooms, premieres this week at On the Boards. OtB has this to say: Magic mushrooms, storytelling, and science fiction come to life in a hallucinatory dance/theater meditation. Mesmerizing performance artist (and mushroom expert) Alan Sutherland brings his lifelong obsession with dance and fungi to the stage in a performance specially focused on the Northwest species Psilocybe cyanescens and its powerful psychedelic properties. Beautiful and strange, the performance draws inspiration from fantasy and science fiction and includes a crackerjack team of local collaborators. Sutherland has been a part of many of the most memorable artistic experiences I’ve had in the Pacific Northwest. To name a few: the BRIDGE MOTEL project with dk pan, Paradisiacal RItes with Saint Genet, and Ethan Folk‘s VERNAE. Sutherland has told me that he will continue collaborating, but he intends Little Brown Mushrooms to be … Continue reading Alan Sutherland’s Little Brown Mushrooms at OtB, October 6-9