5 Cozy, Comfy Seattle Bars for Longer Nights

Posted on September 13, 2016, 1:07 pm
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With fall just around the corner, we’re gradually moving in from the patio. Here are five Seattle bars so cozy you’ll find it hard to leave.

Six Seven at the Edgewater

This chic spot is great year round. Perched right on the water, Six Seven at the Edgewater offers spectacular daylight views in summer, and twinkling nights in the autumn and winter. The lounge has a contemporary feel, while the adjacent fireside seating area feels more like a warm lodge. If you want to sit in the adjacent room, you just need to let a server know in the main bar. The service might be a little slower, but if you are ready to take your time relaxing on the comfy couches with a drink and delectable bar bites, that’s not really an issue.

Plan your trip on the Edgewater website.

Needle & Thread

A lot of Seattle bars took on a prohibition-era, speakeasy theme several years back. The upstairs bar at Tavern Law, known as Needle & Thread, was one of those spots and it was a hit from the moment it opened. Its speakeasy style entrance and old-world decor make it both quirky and sexy. It’s perfect for couples or groups of three who want an intimate night and like a good craft cocktail on the side. We recommend making reservations in advance, as the space is quite small and some nights it may be reserved for a private event. (Call ahead at 206-325-0133.)

Plan your trip on the Tavern Law website. Needle & Thread is not ADA accessible.

The Upstairs

Another cozy Seattle bar worth the climb up a flight of stairs is The Upstairs, above Belltown’s top-notch tapas bar Pintxo. The front room of The Upstairs has a variety of cushy seating options, where you can sit back and sip. This room is especially dark and romantic, so if you like to go solo and read (like I do), plan to sit at the bar itself. The friendly staff won’t mind. Pro tip: If you are planning to try a cocktail using their house-infused ghost chili tequila, ask for a taste of it so you know just how spicy it is. It can put a fire in your belly in the colder months, for sure.

Plan your trip on The Upstairs website. The Upstairs in not ADA accessible.

The Fireside Room at The Sorrento Hotel

The Fireside Room is one of the most beautiful lounges in Seattle, and also one of the coziest. During the holidays, it is totally decked out, but even in the preceding months it is a perfect place to spend an autumn evening. Grab a seat around the octagonal central column or by the large fireplace itself and relax with a local beer or craft cocktail. Occasionally, the hotel will have a professional pianist playing the baby grand piano, adding to the lush, old-world atmosphere.

Plan your trip on the Sorrento website.

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Among Seattle bars, Ballard’s Hazlewood is one of the smallest, but that just means it’s all the cozier! The narrow lofted space may be short on square footage, but it’s big on charm. The ground floor has its own bench seating by the bar, while the teeny upstairs section has seating enough to accommodate a small, intimate group around a low table. The friendly staff, casual atmosphere and tight quarters also make it an easy place to chat up a stranger, in case you find yourself out drinking alone. Besides all that, the drink selection is creative yet accessible, making it a good place for cocktail fans to try slight twists on classic recipes.

Read more on the Hazlewood Facebook page.

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T.s. Flock is a writer and arts critic based in Seattle and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle.