Bumbershoot 2016 Recap: Day Three

Posted on September 05, 2016, 12:26 pm
2 mins

Round three of Bumbershoot was a real knockout. Local trio, The Flavr Blue, seamlessly intertwined their talents into a cohesive blend of synthpop and R&B. Their infectious spirit and carefree attitude fueled the audience with energy for the rest of day. Hidden gem Bishop Briggs roared through her 30 minute set. The power of her voice left her out of breath and the crowd speechless and satisfied.

As the sun set, things got sentimental. Bumbershooters layered over the grassy lawn of the Fisher Green Stage in anticipation for Third Eye Blind. Stephan Jenkins arrived on stage fully covered, slowly revealing himself throughout the night. He bantered with the audience as he tossed aside his sunglasses, hoodie and beanie. Their 90s throwbacks caused a frenzy of emotions as members of the crowd unapologetically sung along as if they were alone, back in their childhood bedrooms.

An hour prior, hoards of people began shuffling to the main stage for Death Cab for Cutie. As they played through their long-awaited set, the audience received every lyric with introspection and occasional nostalgia. The Bellingham band left the stage, but the crowd remained still, demanding an encore. Death Cab happily obliged, closing out the festival on a gratifying note.

Bumbershoot 2016’s lineup promised and delivered, providing a memorable soundtrack to Labor Day Weekend.

Check out Tiffany Bri’s photography of day three below, along with our coverage of days one and two.