Intimately Unseen and Studio Visit at SOIL Gallery, September 1

SOIL Gallery in Pioneer Square will premiere two new exhibitions as part of First Thursday Art Walk. Both shows open Thursday, September 1 and will run for one month. SOIL will hold a reception on opening night from 6-8pm. From Intimately Unseen is an investigation of personal space, growth, and tension by Seattle-based artists Jessica Hoffman, Satpreet Kahlon, and Markel Uriu. This exhibition includes installations, drawings, paintings, and prints that explore the ritual of seeking and creating space. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, all three artists are trying to find a place where they belong, a place where they feel safe, and a place where they can grow. Meanwhile, the work of Ellen Ziegler will be on display in the backspace. Ziegler is an aesthetic chameleon, whose experiments with medium never sacrifice technique. Her show this summer at Vermillion was an extension of a past series of work, using the pigment vermilion. The show looked at the long history of the pigment and its uses in religious and sacred art, alongside her modern abstractions. It looks like the new show at SOIL will continue to provide insight into material and process in its own way. As SOIL describes it: An artist’s source material is … Continue reading Intimately Unseen and Studio Visit at SOIL Gallery, September 1