Annex Theatre Presents: GIRL, August 17

Posted on August 15, 2016, 4:27 pm
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This Wednesday, August 17 marks the closing night and therefore last chance to see GIRL, a lively production directed by Mary Hubert, devised by The Ensemble. From the event organizers:

Think of the classic hero’s quest: a rousing call to adventure, legendary challenges and temptations, a road full of trials and perils, transformation, atonement, and an ultimate resolution. Think of Aladdin, The Princess Bride, or Star Wars. The difference here? The heroes are young women in modern-day Seattle, who must navigate a male-dominated world and fight their battles in a society that imposes constraints on their gender and generation. This devised ensemble adventure asks, what does it take to be a modern heroine?

The Ensemble includes: Kiki Abba, Haley Maria Alaji’, Gabriela Marta Aleman, Erin Bednarz, Katherine Marie Bicknell, Lauren Brazell, Amy Escobar and Kayla Walker. 

Annex Theatre Presents: GIRL

When: Wednesday, August 17, shows at 7 and 9pm

Where: Annex Theatre (1100 E Pike St)

Tickets start at $5


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