The Style Fold: Elizabeth Finnessy

Posted on August 11, 2016, 2:44 pm
2 mins

The Style Fold: Elizabeth Finnessy photos by Tiffany Bri

You might go to a fundraiser or gallery opening in the city and spot a Barbie-babe-viking-goddess walking around in Alexander McQueen. If you have a chance to be introduced to her, she will be as down to earth as the most home spun girl in your high school 4H Club loving up her bunnies. Once you get to chatting, you will find that she has a sharp wit and a big brain, with no need for pretense. If this encounter happens in your social orbit than you have probably had the luck to meet Bellevue dentist, Dr. Elizabeth Finnessy, also known as Libbi.

Finnessy is the ultimate socialite in the ideal sense. She’s not only stylish and charming, she gives big in every way. Her favorite projects are working with survivors of domestic violence. She does a lot of pro bono dental work and care as well as volunteering time with people who are working to get out of unsafe situations. Her causes are Lifewire, formerly Eastside Domestic Violence Program, and Runway to Freedom. She’s also iInvolved with Fred Hutch Cancer Research and SIFF.

Adding to her creds as role model extraordinaire, this dazzling dentist volunteers at her daughter Ella’s school every other week, tutors kids in chemistry and is a mentor of dental students at the University of Washington.

For more information about Finnessy’s practice, visit Bellevue Dental Health online or in person at 14535 Bel Road, Suite 100.



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