He’s My Mister: Hot Guys Wear White Jeans

Sarah Caples Noble
Posted on August 11, 2016, 2:43 pm
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Brad Pitt Wearing White Jeans.

Brad Pitt Wearing White Jeans

Kanye West Wearing White Jeans.

Kanye West Wearing White Jeans.

David Beckham Wearing White Jeans.

David Beckham Wearing White Jeans.


What To Wear All The Time


What do Brad Pitt, Kanye West and David Beckham all have in common? They’re all hot guys and hot guys wear white jeans. For an easy look that shows off a great physique the skinny white jean is all the rage. Nothing could be sexier and more cool. These guys aren’t prissy men so you don’t need to shy away from the pristine reputation white clothing has. If anything, white jeans show the world that you can be rugged and tidy—the chicks will dig it.

Where To Buy Them

Luckily our very own Nordstrom has a lot of white denim options for Seattle men. From ripped to moto style, a guy can find a pair or three that speak to all sides of his style personality:

The Nudie ‘Lean Dean’ skinny fit jeans in Ecrue available at Nordstrom.

Topman 'Ripped Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans' available at Nordstrom.

Topman ‘Ripped Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans’ available at Nordstrom.

Hudson 'Blender' Skinny Fit Moto Jeans in Peroxide available at Nordstrom.

Hudson ‘Blender’ Skinny Fit Moto Jeans in Peroxide available at Nordstrom.


The Nudie ‘Lean Dean’ is an off white, mid-rise skinny fit with narrow legs. It has great back pockets to fill out the seat. Make sure you buy the next size up since it runs small. Wear the jeans with a white t-shirt or button up, white tennies or tan shoes.

Brad Pitt will have nothing on you. Just kidding. But you will definitely feel confident knowing that he’s been rocking this style all summer and so can you. Make this summer your own personal party. Brad Pitt has.

If you want to rough up your look another great option is the Topman ‘Ripped Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans’. The white stretch-denim jeans are distressed at the knee and thigh and cut in a skinny fit best for slender frames. Again, you will want to order the next size up since they run snug. Kanye is wearing his white jeans with hoodies and blazers. You should too.

If you like the moto trend, and who doesn’t? Surely someone with edgy style like David Beckham would love Hudson’s signature biker-inspired jeans, Hudson’s ‘The Blender Skinny Fit Moto Jeans’ in Peroxide designed with secure front zip pockets and quilt-stitched knee panels, are ready to ride in soft, white-washed denim tailored with a mid-rise skinny fit.

Be a hot guy in a hot town this summer. Wear white jeans.



Sarah Caples Noble
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