Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects Opens August 13 at Henry Art Gallery

Henry Art Gallery is about to premiere the second iteration of Trans History in 99 Objects, an ongoing series of exhibitions presented by MOTHA (the Museum of Trans History and Art). MOTHA’s executive director, Chris E. Vargas, has curated this collection of archival materials and artworks that speak to the history of transgender communities. From The Henry: The presentation at the Henry focuses on lives and experiences specific to Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest: individuals including Nell Pickerall (also known as Harry Allen and Harry Livingston [1882-1922]), and Marsha Botzer, transgender activist and founder of Ingersoll Gender Center (1977); and places such as The Garden of Allah, a social gathering space popular in the years after World War II known for its female impersonator cabaret acts. By bringing together these materials, 99 Objects reclaims the history of gender variance and draws lines of kinship across time, while simultaneously pointing to the incomplete nature of this history, including the stories that we will never know because they have not been preserved or never existed but should have. […] By design, MOTHA is always “under construction,” a framework that openly questions how a history of transgender individuals, communities, and culture might be organized, and also … Continue reading Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects Opens August 13 at Henry Art Gallery