Weather Report: Filson Introduces the Weatherproof Collection

Posted on August 02, 2016, 10:19 am
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Filson, the iconic Seattle-based outfitter and manufacturer of goods for outdoor enthusiasts has a new line to generate even more enthusiasm. Known for men’s and women’s outdoor clothing, accessories and luggage, the company has launched their first collection of all-weather bags, The Weatherproof Collection.

For those of us who travel frequently and are looking for something equally durable and great looking, Filson seems to have come up with a match made in heaven. For the Weatherproof Collection, the company worked with the century-old Wicket & Craig tannery in Pennsylvania to develop a new vegetable-tanned proprietary leather that is durable, lightweight and in keeping with the heirloom-quality dynamic of their products. The collection includes a backpack, briefcase, duffle and rolling carry on.

The leather is rated for boots and can repel rain, snow and saltwater, which makes it ideal for luggage that is meant to last. Built with solid brass fittings and Bridle Leather straps, the bags have style and strength. Not everyone or everything ages gracefully, but Filson seems to have found the magic combination for great pieces worthy of investing in.

The pieces from the Weatherproof Collection are on sale at the Flagship store in Seattle (1741 1st Ave S) and other stores around the country.

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