Food Theater Thunderdome, August 4-6 & 8-12

Posted on August 01, 2016, 11:16 am
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The 14/48 Projects are collaborating with Café Nordo for this year’s Food Theater Thunderdome in order to bring you, “the freshest dinner experience ever.” Event organizers explain:

The first two Sundays in August, we will gather chefs, playwrights, and performers at a Destiny Party. Teams of playwrights and chefs will draw a theme, cast, director, and signature ingredient, and will have four days to create the perfect pairing of theater and food. That is just four days to write, rehearse, design, score, and prepare recipes before serving our audience the fruits of our labors on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Performances start at 8pm on Thursday, August 4-6, and then again the following weekend on August 8-12. Check out all the stellar artists involved at 14/48 projects website. This is one food experience you won’t want to miss.


Food Theater Thunderdome

When: August 4-6, 8-12

Where: Café Nordo (109 S. Main St)

Tickets are available online for $65.


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