T&C Talks: Health & Wellness in the Digital Age

Posted on July 30, 2016, 10:53 am
5 mins


Has Instagram, the massive amount of information on the web, and even the infamous selfie changed how we approach our own health and beauty? On Wednesday, June 27, Town & Country, in partnership with Kybella, hosted T&C Talks: Health & Wellness at the Four Seasons Seattle to discuss how the digital age has impacted both women and men’s attitudes and actions towards aging, health and wellness. T&C beauty director Jamie Rosen led a panel discussion with four guest speakers, each who had their own views on how the state of wellness is being altered by the way we interact with our world as a whole.

The guest panel was comprised of Vic Narurkar, M.D., dermatologist and founder of The Bay Area Laser Institute, Stuart Leitch, general manager of Clarisonic USLara Dalch, health, nutrition and lifestyle coach, and Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler Salons and Esquire’s grooming ambassador. Led by Rosen, each panelist talked about how today’s wealth of information drives the business of health and wellness into a new era. Unlike the stigmas associated with things like botox, plastic surgery and other procedures that made a noticeable but not necessarily natural impact, today people want not only to look better, but to feel better as well.

Dr. Narurkar told the audience—comprised of local bloggers, writers, salon owners and beauty experts—that patients now want non-invasive help with improving themselves, with a natural, not “done” look. “Patients want to look age appropriate, and are striving to achieve this with a ‘less is more’ approach,” said Dr. Narurkar. Dr. Narurkar also stressed that living a vibrant life makes for a healthy approach to self improvement; it’s all about being your best self.

Stuart Leitch spoke about consumers becoming tired of the unrealistic hype of skin care and procedures abilities, including “anti-aging”—clearly an unrealistic goal. Today’s consumers are loyal to brands that speak honestly and directly to them, and who come out with innovative products that have a meaningful take on both what their products are for and what exactly they can do. This shift has changed how products are marketed, said Leitch. Because the industry changes slowly, the more information marketers can get out to consumers, the better it is for everyone.

Health and lifestyle coach Lara Dalch focused on the importance of taking the time for exercise and eating well. Dalch told us that most of her clients struggle to find time for healthy habits like daily exercise, and she gets it. She stressed the importance of doing what you can each day and the impact it will make as a whole. Dalch talked abut the correlation between feeling good inside and looking good outside, and that one doesn’t work without the other. Also, here is a great motivator to get that juicer out of the basement and back on your counter: dark leafy greens make a huge impact on your energy level. Get juicing, but limit the juice part (i.e. the sugar) and you will feel a whole lot better.

Lastly, Rodney Cutler talked candidly about how looking good affects how we feel about ourselves as a whole. Gone are the days, said Cutler, where people leave the salon looking great, and then are unable to recreate that salon-look on their own at home. The hair and beauty industry is focusing on better styling education, quality, and improved products, while keeping in mind the impact of genetics. For both men and women, these changes have helped consumers focus on their individuality as a whole, a win-win for both service based businesses and their clients.

The digital age of today has definitely had an impact on how we treat our health, beauty and wellness and gives us many choices on how to get where we want to be. I found the whole discussion and the panel themselves to be refreshingly candid and sincere in both their personal and professional views on how to be one’s best self.


Lisa Cole is the fashion and style writer for Vanguard Seattle, and her work includes covering fashion news and events, runway shows and boutiques. She has her own fashion and lifestyle blog, www.westfultonstreet.com, and is a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Group International.