Megan Sevcik Has a Gift for Healing at Honey Skin Spa

Posted on July 27, 2016, 12:05 am
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Megan Sevcik is a blessing to all who meet her. The owner and founder of Honey Skin Spa in Madison Park, Megan feels a God-given mission to heal and beautify people’s skin. The calling began with her own real suffering, which she speaks about freely and honestly. When Megan was in her early twenties, she worked as a fit model in the fashion industry, executed photo shoots for print ads and television commercials, and also began representing well-known photographers, all while attending night school at The Fashion Institute of Technology. She led a full and exciting life and handled it all with ease. Everything in Megan’s life was under control—except for her struggle with severe cystic acne.

Megan Sevcik, founder of Honey Skin Spa

Megan Sevcik, founder of Honey Skin Spa

She began seeing some of the top dermatologists in New York City in hopes that they could remedy her condition. Besides the acne, she had extreme dryness and redness, and although they prescribed various treatments, her skin only got worse. Megan and her family were heartbroken. “It was so bad,” Megan says, “that I seriously thought that I would move away to a farm and raise Alpacas for the rest of my life.”

Megan is a fighter with a sense of humor. Instead of resigning herself to living with this problem, she decided to take action. “I am proud of my faith,” Megan says, and so, she enlisted the healing power of prayer. “I had tried everything from antibiotics, creams, and gels.” Ultimately, she says, “I healed myself by praying to God.” Before that, she lived in anguish and was unable to look at herself in the mirror. “It was getting so bad that I started covering up the mirrors in my home. Then I put my faith in God and was led down a better path. I started reading everything that I could get my hands on. I began treating myself, and through my extensive research, for the first time I actually saw results. My struggles turned into my passion and I fell in love with skin care, skin health and helping others feel and look beautiful and youthful.” Deep within Megan’s heart, she had an all-knowing feeling that she had to go through this trial so that she could fulfill her true mission in life.

Her quest for perfect skin led her to discover Ayurvedic medicine principals. These Eastern practices are thousands of years old and incorporate the use of herbs and natural resources to heal the body. Megan paired those ancient remedies with modern scientific techniques to create, “the perfect and natural way to achieve nourished and revitalized skin.” She founded Honey Skin Spa in 2011, where she shares these principles with her clients. Her ultimate goal is to bring out the skin’s natural beauty, and she receives pure joy in helping clients to feel beautiful and healthy, inside-out and outside-in!

Honey Skin Spa offers a warm and inviting atmosphere

Honey Skin Spa offers a warm and inviting atmosphere

Megan also possesses a savvy business sense, an intuition she’s had since she was young. Her father can attest to that, as he would constantly hear the “clinking” of her childhood toy cash register while she played store in the next room! As all successful entrepreneurs know, to be successful in business, you must offer something of value in order to acquire and keep good customers. Megan’s efforts were rewarded when she received the “Healing Hands Award” from the top aesthetician in the country. Sarah explains, “My extreme drive to be top of my class and to learn everything about skin health was my motivating factor. I knew that I would one day open up my own skin spa, and I wanted to strive for excellence in all areas so that I could take unprecedented care of my clients.”

Honey Skin Spa - Hylunia Products

The Hylunia Skin Care Line works miracles

Megan was determined to find the best products available, and that endless search led her to the Hylunia Skin Care Line. Megan explains: “We use only the finest, purest skin care products based entirely on Hyaluronic Complex, a powerful moisturizer known to be ‘the fountain of youth,’ because it holds 1,000 times its weight in water. It is more moisturizing than any oil and also aids our skin in absorbing moisture from the environment.” Hyaluronic Complex is considered the best medical grade antioxidant known to science. It’s wound healing, calming, anti-inflammatory and also relieves redness from sun damage. Megan loves the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties of the products and how they are gluten free, vegan, have no preservatives and are jam packed with antioxidants and stem cells. “Aging is when your skin wears itself down,” she explains. “We need to feed our skin, as it needs nourishment every day.”

The Hylunia Skin Care Company began due to necessity, as the founder, Dr. Link, had a newborn baby girl whose skin was reacting badly to the standard baby skin care products available in the market.  “Dr. Link and his wife searched for something gentler, safer, and non-irritating in the stores and pharmacies but to no avail.”  Having grown up in a family of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Link was aware of “Mother Nature’s own healing power.”

“Dr. Link was also part of an esteemed group of scientists, physicians and research chemists.” He sought the help of his friend, Brian Jegasothy, MD who was formerly the Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh. Their goal was to create a skin care product that was “non-irritating, non-inflammatory and gentle on a baby girl’s infant skin.” Through Dr. Jegasothy’s scientific research, they discovered “the relationship between continuous inflammation, disease and aging.” They also learned that “most skin care products contained many ingredients that caused inflammation of the skin and disruption of the endocrine system.” This discovery greatly alarmed Dr. Link and his team of scientists.  In 1988, Hylunia Skin Care was born to enable people of all ages and skin types to protect, preserve and pamper their skin with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and plant peptides. “From that day to this day, Hylunia continues to be committed to its core purpose, core values and philosophy.”

Megan attended The Euro Institute of Skincare, which is where she met her fellow Honey Spa Aesthetician, Erin Date. Megan and Erin have been working side by side for years, as they trained under the same teacher and Euro Institute owner, Joanna Thiemo. “We studied together, opened Honey together, and we are close friends who share the same passion.” Erin was born and raised in Washington. Her parents own the Fire Trail Nursery in Marysville. Erin grew up around herbs and plants, and from that upbringing, Erin cultivated an advanced knowledge of their healing and therapeutic properties.

Honey Skin Spa’s many treatments offer a luxurious experience, with targeted, long-lasting results. Clients can choose from various peels, such as Vitamin C, Willowbark and Glycolic, which are the best that science has to offer for their anti-aging, hydrating and restorative properties. “Each and every facial is customized to your specific skin needs,” Megan says. “Your facial includes a deep cleanse using papaya and pineapple enzymes, followed by a customized peel, a custom mask and a beautiful antioxidant filled french facial massage designed to tone/tighten and improve collagen and elastin in your skin. We always include our regenerative Echo 2 pure liquid oxygen infusion at the end of every facial—it’s our signature award winning system. Reiki is offered with facials and helps restore the union of the body, mind, and spirit. This reviving therapy reduces stress and calms the body. It has aided in healing physical ailments as well as emotional. It’s very beautiful energy work done through light touch on your body.”

Madeline greets customers at Honey Skin Spa.

Madeline greets customers at Honey Skin Spa

Honey also specializes in Lash & Brow Tinting, Lash Extensions and Facial Waxing using Chamomile wax to ensure minimize irritation. Customers travel far and wide to see Erin for her expert application of lashes. She offers the highest quality mink and faux mink lash extensions that are lightweight and range from natural to full and dramatic. A consultation is included in each session to help you achieve that certain look and to help coach you on maintenance and care. And lastly, the Honey Skin Spa also welcomes male clients, because they also want to look their best. “The men absolutely love the spa services and the privacy of the spa’s location.”

“Our very first customers are still our clients and have become so many of my dearest friends!” Megan says. “A common comment among our clients is that they feel that what we give them is not just a facial. They leave here feeling that we give them a facial for their soul!”

Of course, finding the right location to open her spa was the tricky part, but an instinctual feeling led Megan to find the perfect setting in Madison Park. The move felt to Megan like another part of God’s grand plan, because it led to meeting her future husband, Rob Sevcik, who was Chef de Cuisine at nearby Rover’s. Megan and Rob are now proud parents to the cutest toy poodle named Madeline, “who comes with Megan daily to the spa to greet clients and to just be adorable!” Rob is planning the opening of his new restaurant at the end of the year, and I look forward to sharing that story with you soon!

Visit Honey Skin Spa in person (2812 E Madison St, Ste IV) or visit to learn more about the powers of this warm and healing place!



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