Safe Shape/KNOW US: Living and Dying with Substance Abuse, July 19

Posted on July 17, 2016, 7:04 pm
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This Tuesday, July 19, 12th Avenue Arts in Capitol Hill will present SAFE SHAPE/KNOW US: Living and Dying with Substance Abuse, a night of art and though-provoking discussion beginning at 6 PM. The evening will include a reception for the SAFE SHAPE exhibit of portraits and photography, followed by a screening of the film Everywhere But Safe: Public Injecting in New York. The evening will conclude with a panel discussion led by creator Greg Scott.

Event organizers have this to say about SAFE SHAPE:

Have you ever wondered how a supervised consumption space works? What it looks like? What goes on inside? Now you can know.

The SAFE SHAPE exhibit is a mock supervised consumption space designed to mimic the experience of SCSs worldwide.

SAFE SHAPE is interactive, meant for visitors to experience not only what supervised consumption spaces can be but also to feel the humanizing effects of compassionate design. Every visitor will experience directly the stark contrast between public drug use and the kind of multifaceted, health-promoting experience that can happen in a supervised consumption space. Our hope is that visitors will walk away from the exhibit feeling even more supportive of the SCS as a public health measure and perhaps a little more critical of the commonly accepted, highly stigmatizing view that people who use drugs don’t deserve the same standard of care that we as a society have come to expect.

Along with the SAFE SHAPE exhibit, there will be a series of portraits and photographs exploring life and loss with substance use. Attendees will be able to directly engage and contribute to the exhibit by having their own Polaroid-style photograph and statement taken at the event and included in the display.

Visit the event’s facebook page for event details.

Safe Shape/KNOW US: Living and Dying with Substance Abuse

When: Tuesday, July 19, 6-9pm

Where: 12th Avenue Arts (1620 12th Ave)

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