On The Town: Night Shift

A couple of nights a month, a nomadic dance party takes place in Seattle called Night Shift. The event roams throughout the city, taking over an assortment of venues, including art galleries, event spaces, concert venues and night clubs—just to name a few. People from all walks of life come together for these exciting and high-energy parties. On Saturday, July 10, Night Shift held their most recent party at Love City Love on Capitol Hill. Check out Christopher Reicks’ photography of the night below. The evening was nothing short of celebratory, as Love City Love’s intimate basement vibes made for a raw and gritty dance experience, something that is often hard to find in Seattle. Night Shift often take place at venues that may be slightly off the radar, but ultra-cool nonetheless. If you haven’t been by Love City Love already, their talented team stripped down a working dry cleaners into a fully functioning event space. The still existing dry cleaner’s sign at the front of the venue had everyone feeling like they were in on a secret party. Be sure to stop by Love City Love any given Wednesday, where they have a multitude of local artists perform at an open mic. … Continue reading On The Town: Night Shift