An Evening with Mary Roach, June 15

This Wednesday, June 15, Seattle’s Town Hall will host a reading with Mary Roach in support of her new book, Grunt: The Serious Science of Humans at War. From the venue’s website: “America’s funniest science writer” Mary Roach (Gulp, Stiff, Bonk, Spook) has turned her attention to one of humanity’s most pressing (and, as it turns out, scientific) social issues—war. Grunt is her examination of the disease, exhaustion, panic, heat, noise, and other factors faced by soldiers on a daily basis. She’ll explain some of the more quirky facts she’s discovered: why zippers are dangerous to snipers, how paintballing relates to combat survival, and why troops sometimes eat caffeinated meat. In her typical humorous fashion, Roach will take a large topic like war (and the humans involved in it) and break it down to its core scientific elements. An Evening with Mary Roach When: Wednesday, June 15, 7:30pm Where: Town Hall (1119 Eighth Ave) Tickets can be purchased online at and are $31.95, which includes two tickets and a copy of the book.