Diwa Filipino Film Showcase, June 4-5

Posted on May 31, 2016, 4:23 pm
51 secs

For anyone out there who wants to take in some awesome international cinema but doesn’t want to pay SIFF prices, the Diwa Filipino Film Showcase, beginning this Saturday, June 4 at the Seattle Center Armory might be just the ticket. This entirely free festival features films from the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora that promise to be enlightening, entertaining and inspiring. The headliner is a 45-minute documentary called The Woman Behind the Tattoo Artist, by Lauren Faustino. I had the chance to view the film beforehand, and I found it to be tranquil, contemplative and a little frightening—the tattoo you receive as the result of so many little pricks hammered into the skin the old fashioned way is a special and hard-earned tattoo, indeed.

Another highlight of the festival includes the documentary Paraíso, which follows the lives of child survivors in the Philippines after the Super Typhoon Haiyan—the strongest typhoon ever recorded. Festival organizer Adrian Ellis Alarilla says of the film, “We will see their struggles as they live on and rebuild their lives in what was once their Paraíso, which is but a memory of tragedy and great loss.”

Visit the event’s facebook page for a complete schedule and more information.

Diwa Filipino Film Showcase

When: June 4, 12pm – June 5, 5pm

Where: Loft 2, Seattle Center Armory (305 Harrison Street)

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