World Premiere of Merlin Camozzi’s Flesh and Blood, June 5

Posted on May 30, 2016, 10:35 am
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In Merlin Camozzi‘s latest short film: Flesh and Blood, we meet a trio of weary travelers as they make their way through an unforgiving mountain pass during what appears to be a zombie apocalypse. The film stars Clint Jordan, Hannah Telle and Charlotte Alexis White as a father and his two daughters on their way to salvation that’s either just over the horizon or nowhere to be found.

Flesh and Blood will make its world premiere this Sunday, June 5 at the 19th Annual Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles. This is Camozzi’s latest since Coeur D’Alene, a stand-out short from last year’s Seattle Shorts Film Festival about a girl and her doomed rabbit. In all of his work, Camozzi manages to both pull on heartstrings and chill his audience to the bone in a brief narrative space. I had a chance to see a rough cut of Flesh and Blood, and I found the experience at once dreadful and thrilling. You can check out the trailer here:

The film’s kickstarter campaign features a video with the filmmaker and other insider details. Visit Dances With Films for a complete festival schedule and ticket information.

World Premiere of Merlin Camozzi’s Flesh and Blood

WHEN: Sunday, June 5, 5pm

WHERE: Dances With Films (1041 N Formosa Ave, Los Angeles)

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