B-Movie Bingo Presents Rambu: The Intruder, June 4

Posted on May 30, 2016, 5:27 pm
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For late night fans of so-bad-it’s-good cinema, SIFF delivers with a special presentation of B-Movie Bingo this Saturday, June 4, at SIFF Cinema Egyptian. Starting at 11pm, the show features the little-known Rambo knock-off from Indonesia entitled, Rambu: The Intruder (1986). Accompanying the presentation are the Portland, Oregon-grown comedy team Wolf Choir, composed of Robbie Augsberger, Eric Dexter and Aaron Shepherd. The trio moderate a very serious bingo game with categories such as, “Bar Fight,” “Suspended From the Force” and “Three Mustaches on Screen at the Same Time.” As for the film in question, SIFF organizers describe Rambu thusly:

Totally action-packed and filled with bizarre dialogue (“Sometimes I lie awake at night and think about my destiny”), this movie delivers on every level, though any resemblance between Rambu and a certain ’80s action hero is totally coincidental—despite that one scene where he puts on a red bandanna, straps on a massive gun, and runs around shirtless. New Zealand-born English teacher-turned-actor Peter O’Brian stars as Rambu, an unemployed police-academy dropout who stages a private war on a pair of white-suit-wearing, cocaine-guzzling, sexually deviant crime bosses. As a tug-of-war for power unfolds, Rambu takes action using his wits, martial-arts skills, greasy massages, and some truly mysterious boomerang balls. Be warned: Lives, and lots of food, will be wasted!

Tickets are available at the SIFF Box Office for $13.

B-Movie Bingo presents Rambu: The Intruder

When: Saturday, June 4, 11pm

Where: SIFF Cinema Egyptian (801 East Pine St)

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