Hall Spassov Gallery Celebration: First Friday, June 3

Posted on May 28, 2016, 10:00 am
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Art by Amy Spassov at Hall Spassov Gallery

Having not shown together since 2006, Erik Hall and Amy Spassov, owners of Hall Spassov Gallery, are celebrating 10 years together in June. Come join them on June 3 as part of First Friday to enjoy appetizers, drinks and music while taking in their latest work.

Hall Spassov Gallery has two Eastside locations. The flagship space in the international luxury shopping district of Bellevue showcases carefully curated exhibitions and their  2500 square foot studio. Their studio is a multi-use facility; home to a full wood shop, vintage motorcycles and over three hundred pieces of art from as far away as Barcelona.

Amy Spassov is a mixed media artist who has cultivated a loyal collector base in the Pacific Northwest. Her process, adept and calculated, is also spontaneous and impulsive. This ebb and flow allows the artist to unearth the premise of each body of work. It is often a struggle, but in the artist’s words, “The development of each piece is as important as the finished work.” Spassov, who currently works out of her studio in Seattle, has shown her work across the United States as well as Canada and  the United Kingdom.

Seattle based painter Erik Hall is a self-taught artist whose technique uses an adept process of laboriously layering common colors with unlikely ones as his basis for creating gesturing organic forms, set amongst still, yet suggestive landscapes. They are compositions that speak with a silence. His works look as if they could be the backdrops for theatre performances of Greek Tragedies.

Here’s a preview of things to come at Hall Spassov Gallery:

Ellwood T RiskJuly 1

“The viewer is enticed to engage closely with the work and is then rewarded with moments that are soft, even comforting.  This is held in check by his ever-present silhouettes that carry with them striking imagery unobstructed by detail.   What cannot be missed is Risk’s ability to balance the compositions with both.  This steadiness is achieved with the signature targets and bullet holes that identify Ellwood Risk’s highly recognizable and undeniably collectible works of art.”

Gretchen GammellAugust 5

“Themes of the female form, botanicals and wildlife are at the core of Gammell’s work. A skilled storyteller, her attention to detail is evident in the rich textures, unusual colors and purposeful mark-making she applies to her work. Her characters, often stoically staring at the viewer, have an eerie intensity that is hard to escape.”

Hall Spassov Gallery Celebration: First Friday

When: Friday, June 3, 6-9pm

Where: Hall Spassov Gallery (800 Bellevue Way NE)

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