On The Town: NFFTY Opening Night Gala

Posted on May 03, 2016, 3:49 pm
2 mins


Photography by Tiffany Bri

On Thursday April 28, The National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) kicked off the 2016 festival with their opening night gala. After a glamorous red carpet and screening of the short films, guests were shuttled downtown to the Columbia Tower for an epic after party.

For many of these young directors and fans, it was their first time to the top of Columbia Tower and was quite appropriate as they all felt like they were on top of the world. In what seemed like all at once, the crowds from the NFFTY gala flooded the top floor with an energy and excitement that’s hard to find a lot of time at big society events. As the world’s largest film festival for emerging director’s, NFFTY and everyone involved had a lot to be excited about. This night stood as a starting point for a lot of these youths as a sort of indiction into the Seattle, and global, arts community. The ambition of these kids was tangible with an eagerness to network and learn (there were so many young photographers running around with their cameras trying to get the shot that no one else would). It was moving to see so many young people that were excited about artistic expression. It also showed Seattle’s dedication to supporting those who aspire a career in the arts. Especially for the really young guests, events like this make it clear that Seattle will support them in their future endeavors–not to mention that the films that actually were shown were absolutely incredible.

NFFTY showcases the work of the best young directors 24 years and younger, so there were also quite a few stylish young millennials that made it to the after-party. As all the young guests a-lined for the food, the guests of age streamlined the opposite direction for a celebratory drink.

See the trailer below for all the amazing films that were screened during the tenth annual NFFTY film festival.