Corrie Befort: Soft Body, May 7

The Henry is pleased to present the artistry of Corrie Befort, Sheri Cohen, Mark Haim, Mary Margaret Moore and Amelia Reeber in a dance performance titled Corrie Befort: Soft Body.  Corrie Befort is a Seattle-based dancer, filmmaker, designer and choreographer with a body of work commissioned both nationally and in Japan and Belgium. The program, as described on  Following a round-robin structure, four dancers cycle through states of moving/reflecting, responding/resting, in pairs and independently. Central to Befort’s score is an investigation of somatic memory—how experience is inscribed in the physical body. Over the multiple cycles in this performance, sensations accumulate creating a residue of felt experience that effects each rotation and how each dancer behaves. There will be two performances held on Saturday, May 7 in the Upper Level Gallery at 12 and 2:15pm. The event is open to the public and free with museum admission. Corrie Befort: Soft Body When: May 7. 12pm and 2:15pm. Where: Henry Art Gallery (4100 15th Ave NE)