Research ft. Gunnar Haslam and OLIN at Kremwerk, April 16

Posted on April 11, 2016, 9:00 am
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On Saturday April 16, Kremwerk will be hosting an evening with dance DJs Gunnar Haslam and OLIN. Both artists will be sharing this night as their major Seattle debuts, making for a night of dance and celebration. Gunnar Haslam began his music career while studying at NYU, and OLIN has been featured on several labels including Argot, Discovery, God Particle, Night Owl Diner, and DETOUR. Both artists share an ear for sampling different genres to create new and progressive sounds.

This event is part of Kremwerk’s ongoing series Research // Adventurous Dance Music at Kremwerk! and will include local support by Aos and R-PAL. Check out some of their tunes below for a sneak peak of what will go down on the 16th. Advance tickets are $10 (21+).

Gunnar Haslam and OLIN at Kremwerk

When: Saturday April 16, 10pm

Where: Kremwerk (1809 Minor Ave)