Tanya Tagaq at The Neptune, April 6

Posted on April 02, 2016, 8:00 am
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On the Boards and Seattle Theatre Group are partnering up to bring Tanya Tagaq to the Neptune Theater on Wednesday, April 6. Tagaq creates shows inspired by her birthplace of Nunavut, Canada, and her genre–throat singing–makes her all the more unique. For this particular show, Tagaq will provide a live score of the 1922 film Nanook of the North, her powerful vocals accompanying a barren visual landscape.

On the Boards says:

Native Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq reclaims the 1922 film Nanook of the North with a live sound score unlike anything you’ve heard before. Her unnerving and exquisite style of throat singing is primeval and sublime, perfectly evoking the harsh joy and triumph of existence in cold Northern landscapes. Tagaq takes back the fierce Inuit power and intelligence from a film rife with damaging stereotypes. A serious do-not-miss for humans of all sorts.

Tickets are $30 and are available through STG’s website.

Tanya Tagaq’s Nanook of the North

When: Wednesday April 6, 8pm

Where: The Neptune Theatre (1303 NE 45th St)

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