Hugo House’s Ask the Oracle, April 5

Posted on April 01, 2016, 8:00 am
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Is your relationship destined for failure? Will anyone actually ever read your beloved short story? Are you fated to hate your job forever? Writers will come to your psychic rescue with Hugo House‘s Ask The Oracle, an evening of literary fortune-telling. Hosted at the historic Sorrento Hotel, the monthly series features different writers for each event. This Tuesday, April 5, Hugo House is featuring nonfiction writer Brian Castner (The Long Walk), poet Sarah Galvin (The Three Einsteins), and novelist Sonora Jha (Foreign).

Show up to the Sorrento, grab a drink, write down your deepest, darkest query on a Post-It, and maybe your question will have the good fortune to be consulted by a writer-oracle. All answers come in the form of passages from the writers’ own books, and while they may or may not be helpful, they’re sure to be funny, poignant, and perhaps lend some perspective.

Ask the Oracle with Hugo House

When: Tuesday April 5, 7:30pm

Where: The Sorrento Hotel (900 Madison St)


Claire Biringer is a Seattle-based music lover, educator and writer. She holds an MA in Music History from University of Washington, where her primary research involved contemporary opera and its social implications. She enjoys using music and writing to build communities and broaden minds.

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