The Style Fold: Rian Robison and Dylan Neuwirth

Posted on February 23, 2016, 8:00 am
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Artist Dylan Neuwirth and designer Rian Robison are the epitome of cool creative style, wearing their artistic hearts literally on their sleeves. VS Editor-in-Chief Sarah Caples and I had the opportunity to catch up with this style-conscious couple for this month’s Style Fold, with Neuwirth’s latest exhibit at GLASS BOX Gallery as the backdrop.

Rian Robison is the owner and designer of Tuesday Scarves, a Seattle-based fashion accessory label located in the International District (608 Maynard Ave S). Known for her signature jersey knit and faux-fur scarves, Robison will also be releasing her first collection of hand-dyed kimonos for Spring/Summer 2016. Inspired by her love for traditional Japanese textile design and a recent trip to Paris, these new interpretations feature a range of colors, patterns and textures that range from a unique take on ombre pastels to an expressive indigo acid wash. In mid-March, Show Pony boutique in Fremont will host a pop-up shop and sample sale of Robison’s products to celebrate the launch of this new direction.

Artist Dylan Neuwirth is a project manager with the Chihuly Studio and a describes himself as a “posthuman contemporary artist.” His artist statement gets at the core of his preferred medium and his mission, stating that his work “spans text, sculpture, neon, digital media and public art to establish the relevance of personal identity in a data-driven, networked world.” His solo exhibit NOT A HOLOGRAM is currently on view at GLASS BOX Gallery through this month, and will be released as a virtual reality experience online in early March.

Get to know Dylan and Rian’s unique styles and personalities in the gallery below.

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