The Revenge of the Real: Dylan Neuwirth’s NOT A HOLOGRAM

Atop wooden supports sits a charred hunk of scrap metal webbed with carbonized detritus that fuse a couple half-melted water bottles to its surface. It looks like a remnant of an accident, a grisly one that probably involved charred flesh, too. What it’s doing in a gallery is not entirely clear. Is it another one of those postmodern, allegorical gestures that the uninitiated find obscure to the point of being offensive? It very well could be…until the sun goes down and the iPhone above it comes on and begins projecting onto it. The charred surface becomes a textured map of a past supercontinent. Its shadow on the floor becomes its most distinct feature, surrounded by a virtual sea that disappears into the darkness around your feet. The manmade waste, an invention of convenience more than necessity, shines dimly. Welcome to the non-world of NOT A HOLOGRAM, a show of five distinctive new works by Dylan Neuwirth. Each piece is titled like a filename, with the year as its extension and a prefix “NOT-A-HOLOGRAM_ .” For example, the aforementioned scorched Pangaea is “NOT-A-HOLOGRAM_TERRAFORM.MMXVI.” (For the sake of ease, I’ll refer to other pieces by the abbreviated, unique portion of the title.) … Continue reading The Revenge of the Real: Dylan Neuwirth’s NOT A HOLOGRAM