Spectrum Dance Theatre Presents Rambunctious 2.0, Feb. 18-21

Posted on February 15, 2016, 10:47 am
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Spectrum Dance Theatre presents the opening show of its 2015-16 season this February 18-21 at Cornish Playhouse. This season is entitled #RACEish: An Exploration of America’s 240 Years of (Failed) Race Relations, and intends to break the confines of political correctness and self-censorship in favor of honesty and a redirection of the current conversation surrounding race relations.

This weekend’s show, Rambunctious 2.0: A Festival of Music and Dance… Continued includes four world premiere dances choreographed by Artistic Director Donald Byrd. The original pieces will be set to music of Black American composers, who tend to be unfortunately overlooked in the classical canon. The score will include works by T.J. Anderson, Wynton Marsalis and Pamela Z, and will be performed by Seattle artists Simples Measures and Judith Cohen.

From the website:

RAMBUNCTIOUS 2.0: A Festival of Music and Dance…Continued is part of Spectrum’s Black History Month Dance Festival: Making the Invisible Visible, a two week exploration of the unacknowledged contributions African American’s have made to America’s artistic landscape. Includes panel led discussions as part of the Dismantling Racism series, a pre-show talk (opening night only), and post-show talks.

Check out the Spectrum website for a full event calendar of their Black History Month Dance Festival, and to purchase tickets ($40, $17.50 students).

Spectrum Dance Theatre Presents: Rambunctious 2.0

When: Thursday-Saturday February 18-20, 7:30 PM. Sunday February 21, 2 PM.

Where: Cornish Playhouse (201 Mercer St.)

Claire Biringer is a Seattle-based music lover, educator and writer. She holds an MA in Music History from University of Washington, where her primary research involved contemporary opera and its social implications. She enjoys using music and writing to build communities and broaden minds.

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